Internet Resources
  Unit 4: Early Asian Civilizations

The Ancient World Web
The Ancient World Web, created by Julia Hayden, is a master index to Internet sites "discussing, spotlighting, or otherwise considering the Ancient World." Each link is organized by both subject and geographic area and is accompanied by a short description. This excellent resource is updated weekly and includes breaking news items of historical interest. Highly recommended.

Discover the remains of the city of Harappa, located northeast of Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley. This site has fascinating photographs and movies, a slide tour of Harappa with an essay on the city, and an interactive history of the Rohri Flint Quarries, a large manufacturing site in the ancient Indus Valley. You can also take a virtual tour of Mohenjo-Daro and look at Harappa in 3-D.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
This site is a master index to resources related to the cities, countries, and regions of Asia. Links are indexed by region and country, and range from virtual tours to scholarly documents.


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