Grade 7
A Moment in Time
  A Parisian Market Woman
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Learn more about the Enlightenment, 18th century reform movements in Europe, and the French Revolution with these Internet sites.

Women and the Revolution
Take a look at this page from George Mason University to learn more about the role French women played in the Revolution.

French Revolution
This page offers a description of the French Revolution with links to a map of Napoleon's Empire and an interactive timeline of world history. It is part of the HyperHistory Online site, which provides hyperlinked timelines, maps, biographies, and descriptions of world events throughout time.

The Age of Enlightenment in the paintings of France's national museums.
Explore enlightenment ideas through the collection of paintings at this site. You can read background information on the Enlightenment period, find biographical information on the artists featured, and view a selection of paintings online.


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