Our Community: Montebello

by Ms. Rosie Beccera Davies' 3rd grade class
Washington Elementary School
Montebello, California


600 600 A.D. - Gabrielino Indians lived in the Montebello area.

(from a book called The Gabrielino by Bruce Miller)

        600's - The Gabrielinos used canoes made of tule for transportation. They also walked a lot.

1700   1700 - The Spanish came to California and began to take the land. 1770 - The first San Gabriel mission was built in Montebello but then it moved to San Gabriel.  

    1771 - The Spanish gave land to a priest called Junípero Serra - Made the Mission San Gabriel.
there is a picture of a mission

1860   1860 - The Church people gave some land to a Spanish family called Lugo's.    

1870   1870 - Lugo's lost the land in a bet and gave it to Alesandro Reppetto.    

    1871 - 50,000 acres of land was for sheep and cattle raising.
there is a picture of a cow
1871 - The family sold wool from the sheeps, milk and beef.  

    1877 - There were ranchos for pasturing the sheep. The ranchos were called Rancho de la Merced, Rancho San Antonio, and Bartolo.    


      1885 - The land was sold to a group in Los Angeles called Newmark. Newmark was the first name of Montebello.  


    1899 - We were named Montebello which means beautiful hills.    

1900   1902 - Our school Washington Elementary was built on Maple Ave.    


  1914 - There were 15,000 people. Many were Japanese and Mexicans.  

1917 - Oil came out of the ground. This meant lots of money. You can still see the oil makers today.


1920       1920's - Union Pacific and Santa Fe Railway in Montebello.

  1928 - 41 students total at our school Washington. Mr. Macy (our principal) says that now there are 1024 students. 1921 - The hills had lots of flowers an advertisement said "Come to Montebello - where the flowers grow". (Partners Newsletter volume 24 fall 1995) 1924 - Banks, a newspaper, Auto mobil agencies were in Montebello.

1928 - The buses in Montebello were different than the ones today. They had not a lot of room for people. In 1928 the Montebello buses were called safety coaches.

1930 1930 - The total of population was 5,498. 2,708 men, females were 2,790. (Population California Census 1930)   1930 - Over 30 nurseries were in Montebello. They sold lots of flowers.  

1940 1940 - Total population was 8,016.     1940's - Locomotive on Olimpic and Newmark (now called Montebello Blvd.)

  1948 - The total population in Montebello was 18,396. 18,197 of the race White and 199 Non-White. (Bureau of the Census September 1, 1948 Washington D.C.)      


  1955 - 28,500 people lived in Montebello. (From City Hall Records)   1957 - We had a newspaper called "The News" and "The Messanger".  

1960       1960's - The community was making a new freeway called the 60 Pomona Freeway.




 it takes 45 minutes to get to the beach 

  1997 - 38,900 Total Population. (Tomas Brothers Guide 1997)      


 Montebello is 45 minutes away from the mountains.