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Finding Books About a Subject:
Just the Book You Want

Suppose you want to learn about the circus. You look up circus in the encyclopedia. You may find only a few pages of words and pictures. Encyclopedias have only enough room to include a certain amount of information about each subject. Where can you learn more about the circus?

Where to Find It
Library books can give you more information about a subject. How do you find a book about the circus among thousands of books?

Find the card catalog on a computer or in file drawers. The drawers are filled with cards, all in alphabetical order. Find the "C" drawer and look up circus. You'll find one card for every book the library has about the circus. One of the cards might look like this:

In some libraries, the card catalog is on the computer. You should be able to find the same information. If you need help, ask the librarian.

Research Tip
You can also look up authors and book titles in the card catalog. Use the first initial of an author's last name or a book's title to find what you need.

How to Show It
Copy down the book's call number and the book's title and author. Each number will lead you to particular place on the shelves. The librarian will show you how to find it.

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