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Writing Outlines:
Remembering What You Read

You have been assigned to present a special report to your school on one of the following topics. Using an outline will help you organize your report.

1. Choose your topic by placing an X next to one of the choices below.

[ ] How do Bats Fly?
[ ] The Olympics: Past and Present
[ ] A Cowboy's Way of Life
[ ] Making Hot-Air Balloons Rise

2. Go to the library and find your topic in an encyclopedia. You could also find books on your topic listed in the card catalog. Read the information you find and take notes on another sheet of paper. Decide what will be the main ideas and their supporting details.

3. Organize your notes and write your outline in the space below. Use Roman numerals for main ideas and capital letters for supporting details. If you need more space, use the back of this sheet.


Topic: write on line
write on line
write on line
write on line
write on line
write on line
write on line

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