Theme Project: You are having a fair to celebrate the 20th century. Represent each decade with a booth. Choose a decade and use these activities to prepare your booth.

1. Choose a Decade Pick a decade of the 20th century to feature in your booth. Write the name of the decade below.

Decade My Booth Will Represent:


2. Important Events Gather information about the major events of the decade and how they affected the nation. Use your textbook, old newspapers, and other reference books to do research on this topic. Write down the events below. Then write a brief description of each event.






check Information gathered

3. Important People Make a list of the important people of the decade and their achievements. Then, choose at least three people from the list. Write a short biography of each person. Include any interesting stories or events in their lives. Describe their achievements and the contributions they made.

  • List completed
  • Subjects chosen
  • Biographies completed

4. Collect Images Find or draw pictures of the events and people that you will feature in your booth. Write a caption for each picture.

  • Pictures chosen/drawn
  • Captions written

5. Gather Objects Find objects from the decade you chose to cover. These can be books, magazines, toys, or musical recordings.

check Objects gathered

6. Assemble Your Booth Decide how you will display the descriptions, pictures, and objects you created for your booth. You may want to create posters, flyers, collages, or booklets to give more detailed information about your decade. When you have finished planning, assemble the items for your booth.

check Booth assembled

7. Have a Fair With your classmates organize a “20th Century” fair. Share the materials in your booth with your classmates.