Houghton Mifflin Social Studies

Western Hemisphere & Europe

Unit 2 Bibliography: The United States and Canada

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Books for Independent Reading

Extra Support

America's Top 100: Our Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Features and Landmarks
by Edward R. Ricciuti
Blackbirch, 2001
This book includes information on national parks and geographical wonders.

Canada Celebrates Multiculturalism
by Bobbie Kalman
Crabtree, 1993
Readers get a look at the many cultures within the borders of Canada.

Indian Shoes
by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Harper, 2002
A collection of stories about contemporary Native Americans is presented here.

Legends of Landforms: Native American Lore and the Geology of the Land
by Carole G. Vogel
Millbrook, 1999
This book presents stories created by various native peoples, to explain natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon and the Hawaiian Islands, with scientific background on each.

My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States
by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Simon & Schuster, 2000
This is a collection of poetry from, and about, all regions of the United States.

On Level

Children of the Tlingit
by Frank Staub
Lerner, 1999
This book introduces the history, geography, and culture of the Tlingit people in Southeast Alaska, through the daily lives of children who live there.

by David Downing
Heinemann, 2003
Readers gain a deeper understanding of how democracy works in the United States and around the world.

Wow Canada! Exploring This Land from Coast to Coast
by Vivien Bowers
Maple Tree, 2003
A family's lighthearted look at traveling through Canada is presented here.

by Steven Ferry
Lucent, 2002
The author describes the history, the unique French culture, and the ongoing separatist struggle of Canada's largest province.

We Are Americans: Voices of the Immigrant Experience
by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler
Scholastic, 2003
Immigrants, from America's beginnings to the present, tell their stories in their own words.


Dominion of Canada
by Suzanne LeVert
Chelsea, 2001
French nationalism in Quebec, foreign relations, and native rights are presented here.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America: Primary Documents
by Jeffrey Lehman
Gale, 2000
Readers gain insight into America through primary sources, including letters, journals, interviews, poems, songs, legislation, speeches, and photographs.

How Congress Works: A Look at the Legislative Branch
by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Lerner, 2004
Readers discover the workings of our legislative branch. See others in the How Government Works series.

A Kids' Guide to America's Bill of Rights: Curfews, Censorship, and the 100-Pound Giant
by Kathleen Krull
Avon, 1999
After a description of the first ten amendments, this book details famous court cases and what each amendment means to young people.

Read Aloud and Reference

Read Aloud Books

Anne of Green Gables
by L.M. Montgomery
Skylark, 1984
This is the Canadian classic about orphan Anne, who steals the heart of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, set in the landscape of Canada's Prince Edward Island.

Great Canadian Scientists
by Barry Shell
Polestar, 2000
Biographies of important contemporary Canadian scientists and their work are introduced, as well as projects for students.

Sweet Land of Story: Thirty-Six American Tales to Tell
by Pleasant DeSpain
August House, 2000
Thirty-six American folk tales, primarily from the nineteenth century or earlier, were selected by a professional storyteller and divided by the region of the United States from which they originated.

Reference Books

America: A Celebration of the United States
Rand McNally, 1999
Geography, history, and cultural traditions of U.S. regions are presented here.

The Canadian Encyclopedia
by James H. Marsh, ed.
McClelland & Stewart, 2000
This new edition of a reference contains about 40,000 articles, alphabetically arranged, related to every aspect of Canada.

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America
by Ronald T. Takaki
Little, Brown, 1994
This book takes a groundbreaking look at the cultures of America.
Awards: American Book Award 1994

Kids Learn America! Bringing Geography to Life with People, Places, and History
by Patricia Gordon
Williamson, 1999
Projects are suggested to go along with state study.

The National Geographic Traveler: Canada
National Geographic Society, 1999
This country guide includes essays on the history, culture, and contemporary life of Canada.