Theme-related Resources

Below are links to various materials we've created to support students' work on the theme: We Discover.

Theme-Related Links

Here are some great Internet resources we've found for you to enrich and support the theme: We Discover.

The Betsy Ross Homepage
The Betsy Ross Home Page is a terrific resource for learning about the history and legends surrounding “Old Glory.” At this site, you can also do flag-related activities, take a virtual tour of the Ross home, learn flag etiquette, and contribute your own thoughts about the flag to a cyber-guest book. The site also includes links to other flag sites on the Web and a flag time line. The Betsy Ross Home Page is brought to you by the Independence Hall Association of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Web home of the National Park Service, ParkNet is an informative and useful site where you can read a message from the President, visit pages about park history, park events, and legislation, and learn about the important natural aspects of these public lands. The searchable database allows users to view photos and gather information about any of America's national parks and national historic sites.

The Showroom of Automotive History
This site offers an exciting glimpse into the automotive history collection at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Students can enter the showroom and learn about some of the most important automobiles ever produced. The site also features a basic history of automobiles from the 1896 Quadricycle to the 1986 Taurus. Each profile inlcudes photographs, advertising pieces, parts and service manuals, and product literature.