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Independent Reading

Come a Tide
by George Ella Lyon. Orchard, 1993
Families in a river community head for high ground when their homes are flooded.
Marshes and Swamps
by Lynn M. Stone. Children's Press, 1983
Describes plants and animals that live in the Wetlands; emphasizes importance of wetlands to earth's ecology.
On the Riverbank
by Charles Temple. Houghton Mifflin, 1992
Rhymed text with playful illustrations recounts an evening of family fishing.
Our Home Is the Sea
by Riki Levinson. Puffin Books, 1992
School is over for the year, and a boy hurries home through the busy streets of Hong Kong to his houseboat home. He will join his father and grandfather on their fishing boat.
Very Last First Time
by Jan Andrews. Margaret K. McElderry, 1985
A young Inuit girl gathers mussels under the ice for the first time alone.
by Jeannie Baker. Puffin Books, 1993
Looking through a window we see a child's country environment become a scene of urban sprawl as the child grows.
Everybody Cooks Rice
by Norah Dooley. Carolrhoda Books, Inc, 1992
Carrie, in the course of searching for her little brother, visits various neighborhood families, all of whom are cooking rice dishes. Recipes included.
Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean
by Arthur Dorros. Harper Collins, 1991
Traces the course of water from rainfall to the sea.
Kate on the Coast
by Pat Brisson. MacMillan Publishing, 1992
When Kate moves to Seattle, she writes letters to her friend in New Jersey.
The Little Painter of Sabana Grande
by Patricia Maloney. MacMillan Publishing, 1993
Fernando makes paints from the materials of his environment and paints the walls of his family's adobe house with the flora and fauna of the region.
Nora's Duck
by Satomi Ichikawa. Putnam, 1991
Nora finds an injured duckling, takes it to Dr. John who cares for sick and abandoned animals. Duckling recovers and Nora returns it to its mother.
Stringbean's Trip to the Shining Sea
by Vera Williams. Scholastic, Inc., 1990
Traveling from Kansas to the Pacific by camper, Stringbean and his brother send postcards home describing what they see and do.
And Still the Turtle Watched
by S. MacGill-Callahan. Dial, 1991
A rock turtle keeps watch over the land until it is gradually destroyed by human carelessness.
Pearl Moscowitz' Last Stand
by Arthur Levine. Tambourine, 1993
Pearl enjoys all the new kinds of neighbors who move into her neighborhood but hates to see the trees go one by one.
The Sacred Harvest
by Gordon Regguinti. Lerner Publications, 1992
Glen takes part in his first wild rice harvest on the Bowstring River on the Leech Lake reservation in Minnesota, accompanying his father in their canoe.
Wonders of Rivers
by Rae Bains. Troll Associates, 1982
Briefly discusses the characteristics, origins, formation, and uses of rivers.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

The Brook
by Alfred Tennyson. Orchard, 1994
A glossary is included with Tennyson's familiar verses about a brook.
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
by Susan Jeffers. Dial, 1991
A version of Chief Seattle's speech, made in the 1850s, when the U.S. government wanted to buy Native American lands.
A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History
by Lynne Cherry. Harcourt Brace, 1992
Details the history of the Nashua River's increasing pollution and subsequent clean-up.
by Lionel Bender. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1988
Describes the geography of rivers, river life, and uses of rivers.
Rivers and Lakes
by Martyn Bramwell. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1986
Describes the birth and development of rivers and the varieties of water at work.