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Independent Reading

Arrow to the Sun
by Gerald McDermott. Puffin Books, 1974
The Lord of the Sun sends his son to earth to bring the spirit of the sun to its people.
by Fiona MacDonald. Barron's, 1992
The Aztecs built a powerful empire in Mexico.
Natural Wonders of America
by D. Brownstone/I. Franck. Atheneum, 1989
Informational book tells of the natural wonders of North America and has beautiful photos of each.
Pyramid of the Sun/Pyramid of the Moon
by Leonard E. Fisher. MacMillan Publishing, 1988
The story of the Toltecs and later, the Aztecs, builders of great civilizations and cities before conquest by Spain.
Wolf Child
by Dennis Nolan. MacMillan Publishing, 1989
Teo, lonely and weakened by illness, finds a wolf cub who saves Teo's people's leader and becomes a part of his clan.
The Aztecs
by Tim Wood. Viking Press, 1992
Colorful illustrations and see-through cut-away diagrams illustrate and explain all aspects of Aztec culture and history.
Facts America: Our National Parks
by R. Mead/A. Gutelle. Smithmark, 1992
Beautiful photographs join with clear text as you tour the national parks to see landforms at their most spectacular.
Time of the Bison
by Ann Turner. MacMillan Publishing, 1987
Scar-Boy, a cave dweller of prehistoric times, discovers his gift for making pictures.
The Village of Blue Stone
by Stephen Trimble. MacMillan Publishing, 1990
The story of day-to-day life in an Anasazi pueblo around the year 100 A.D.
Ancient Indians: The First Americans
by Roy A. Gallant. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1989
This book tells of the earliest people to arrive in North America and their development into different groups.
The Earliest Americans
by Helen Roney Sattler. Clarion Books, 1993
A description of the most widely accepted theories on who the first Americans were.
The Pueblo
by Charlotte Yue. Houghton Mifflin, 1986
This book describes the history, daily activities, construction of buildings, and customs of the Pueblo people up to the present day.
The Rain Dance People
by Richard Erdoes. Knopf, 1976
This book connects the past to today's life among the Pueblo people, including their struggle for rights and their culture.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

Before You Come This Way
by Byrd Baylor. Dutton, 1969
Seeing the ancient petrographs, the speaker muses on lives of the people who made them.
The Dancing Horses of Acoma
by H. Rushmore/W.R. Hunt. World, 1963
Fascinating legends and stories of the Acoma way of life.
Keepers of the Earth
by M. Caduto/J. Bruchrac. Fulcrum Publishing, 1989
Richly told folktales from many Native American cultures.
When Clay Sings
by Byrd Baylor. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972
The speaker finds bits of clay pots and hears the clay “sing” of life long ago.
Before the Indians
by Bjorn Kurten. Columbia University, 1988
Excellent, readable reference for information on the Ice Age, both land and animals.
Mound Builders and Cliff Dwellers
by Time-Life Books, 1992
An excellent resource on ancient North American civilizations. Spectacular photos.
The Pueblo (Indians of North America Series)
by Alfonso Ortiz. Chelsea House, 1994
The history of Pueblos from earliest times to present day.