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Independent Reading

Andersonville: A Civil War Tragedy
by Linda R. Wade. Rourke Enterprises, 1991
The story of a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War.
The Battle of Gettysburg
by Neil Johnson. Four Winds Press, 1989
A history of the Battle of Gettysburg in text and reenactment photographs.
The Civil War
by Allen Carter. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1992
A brief history of the Civil War.
by William Jay Jacobs. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1991
A brief account of Lincoln's life, supported by photos, paintings, and drawings.
Thunder at Gettysburg
by Patricia Lee Gauch. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1975
Text and pictures convey the feelings of one person drawn into the Battle of Gettysburg.
With Every Drop of Blood
by J.L. Collier & C. Collier. Delacorte Press, 1994
When fourteen-year-old Johnny is captured by an African American Union soldier, he begins to question why the war is being fought.
Behind Rebel Lines
by Seymour Reit. Harcourt Brace, 1988
The story of Emma Edmonds, who posed as a man to join the Union Army.
Behind the Blue and Gray
by Delia Ray. Lodeston Books, 1991
Looks at how ordinary Union and Confederate soldiers experienced the Civil War.
Civil War! America Becomes One Nation
by James Robertson, Jr. Knopf, 1992
A comprehensive account of the causes, major players, and results of the Civil War.
The Gettysburg Address: The Second Inaugural
by Abraham Lincoln. Franklin Watts Ltd., 1963
The complete text of Lincoln's famous speeches.
Lincoln: A Photobiography
by Russell Freedman. Clarion Books, 1987
Photographs and text trace the life of Abraham Lincoln.
Which Way Freedom?
by Joyce Hansen. Walker and Co., 1986
A former slave struggles to understand what his own freedom means as he fights as a member of the Union Army.
Across Five Aprils
by Irene Hunt. Berkeley/Tracer, 1964
Jethro Creighton takes on more responsibility at home as his brothers leave to fight.
The Boys' War
by Jim Murphy. Clarion Books, 1990
A vivid picture of the Civil War and the underage boys who fought in it.
A House Divided
by Jules Archer. Scholastic, Inc., 1995
Profiles the respective lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.
The Long Road to Gettysburg
by Jim Murphy. Clarion Books, 1992
An account of the Battle of Gettysburg in text, photos, and drawings.
Undying Glory
by Clinton Cox. Scholastic, Inc., 1991
The story of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts, comprised of some of the first African American men to fight in the Civil War.
The United States in the Civil War
by Don Lawson. Abelard-Shuman, 1977
A detailed account of America's most destructive war.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

Charlotte Forten: A Black Teacher in the Civil War
by Peter Burchard. Crown Publishers, 1995
The biography of a spirited young woman during the Civil War.
A Dangerous Promise
by Joan Lowery Nixon. Delacorte Press, 1994
The Civil War adventures of a young boy who joins the infantry and ends up behind enemy lines.
A Fiery Trial: A Life of Lincoln
by Herbert Mitgang. Viking Press, 1974
Chronicles Lincoln's life and examines controversial issues of his day.
The American Civil War: A Multicultural Encyclopedia
by The Civil War Society. Grolier Limited, 1994
The history of the Civil War in seven volumes.
The Civil War: An Illustrated History
by Geoffrey C. Ward. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1990
A history of the Civil War in words and pictures.
The Imperiled Union: 1861-1865
by William C. Davis. Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1982
A thorough account of the Civil War in three volumes.