The books listed below may be available through publishers, distributors such as bookstores or online retailers, or library systems.

Independent Reading

Maps and Mapping
by Barbara Taylor. Kingfisher Books, 1993
Basic map concepts and project ideas.
The Children's Atlas of Natural Wonders
by Joyce Pope. Millbrook Press, 1995
Explores amazing natural features on every continent.
Of Many Times and Cultures: Fascinating Facts and Stories from World History
by Marvin Scott. J. Weston Walch, 1993
Interesting facts from prehistory to the present.
The Book of Where or How to Be Naturally Geographic
by Neill Bell. Little Brown, 1982
Geographic concepts such as direction and grid -- written in a breezy manner and illustrated with cartoon-style drawings.
by Susan M. Tejada. National Geographic, 1988
Heavily illustrated (art and photographs) presentation of geographical, geological, and cultural information about the earth.
Janice VanCleave's Geography for Every Kid
by Janice VanCleave. John Wiley & Sons, 1993
Geography activities that students can do independently. Includes earth in space, map and globe skills, seasons, time zones, and more.
Thor Heyerdahl and the Reed Boat Ra
by Barbara B. Murphy and Norman Baker. J.B. Lippincott, 1974
Tells the story of Heyerdahl and his multi-ethnic crew's voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in a reed boat.
Eyewitness to History
edited by John Carey. Avon, 1990
More than 300 first-person accounts of events in world history, from the everyday to the glorious. Includes accounts from ancient times to the twentieth century.
Where on Earth?
by Donnat V. Grillet. Prentice Hall, 1991
Challenging puzzles that will improve students' knowledge of the world around them.
Great Lives
compiled by Simon Boughton. Doubleday, 1988
References the lives of many men and women who shaped history.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

33 Multicultural Tales to Tell
retold by Pleasant DeSpain. August House, 1993
Short tales from around the world.
Around the World in 80 Pages
by Antony Mason. Aladdin Books, 1995
A picture atlas with travelogue written by cartoon-style character Philip Flogg and his dog Passport.
The Children's Atlas of People and Places
by Jenny Wood. The Millbrook Press, 1993
Illustrated atlas/gazetteer, includes flags of each nation.
The Eyewitness Atlas of the World
Dorling Kindersley, 1994
Illustrated atlas that includes sections on the Earth in space and the earth's structure, changing landscape, and climate.
The Warwick Atlas of World History
by Jane Olliver. Warwick Press, 1988
Graphically exciting atlas that makes history and geography interesting to students.