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Independent Reading

Amazon: A Young Reader's Look at the Last Frontier
by Peter Lourie. Caroline House, 1991
A first-hand account of a journey through the Brazilian state of Rondonia, the heart of the Amazon, and of the destructive burning of the jungle.
The Grandchildren of the Incas
by Matti A. Pitkanen. Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1984, 1991
Portrait of the descendants of the great Inca civilization.
My Mama's Little Ranch on the Pampas
by Maria Christina Brusca. Henry Holt and Co., 1994
The author tells of working on her mother's ranch, going to a cattle auction, riding her horse, and watching a calf being born.
One Day in the Tropical Rainforest
by Jean Craighead George. Harper Collins, 1990
The future of the rain rorest of the Macaw depends on a scientist and a young Indian boy as they search for a nameless butterfly during one day in the rain forest.
Tonight Is Carnival
by Arthur Dorros. E.P. Dutton, 1991
A young boy journeys into town to play the flute in the band for the festival carnival.
When the Monkeys Come Back
by Kristine L. Franklin. Atheneum, 1994
Doña Marta, always remembering how the monkeys in her Costa Rican valley disappeared when all the trees were cut down, plants more trees and sees the monkeys come back.
Antonio's Rain Forest
by Anna Lewington. Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1993
Antonio describes his home in the Brazilian rain forest, the manufacture of rubber, and his father's and other rubber trappers' efforts to protect themselves from exploitation and the rain forest from the destructive plans of developers.
Costa Rica
by Ronnie Cummins. Gareth Stevens., Inc., 1990
Describes the life of an eleven-year-old girl and her family on a farm in Costa Rica, including her home and school activities. It discusses the history, geography, natural resources, languages, government, religions, and culture of her country.
The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home
by George Ancona. Macmillan Publishing, 1994
Describes the efforts conservation groups have made to reintroduce the golden lion tamarins into the Brazilian wild.
The Most Beautiful Place in the World
by Ann Cameron. Random House, 1988
Growing up with his grandmother, a young boy in a little village in Guatemala learns how to work hard and what it is like to live in the most beautiful place in the world.
Rain Forest Secrets
by Arthur Dorros. Scholastic, Inc., 1990
Describes the characteristics, different forms of plant and animal life, and destruction of the world's rain forests.
Secret of the Andes
by Ann Nolan Clark. Puffin Books, 1980
A Newbery Award-winning account of a young Incan boy's search for his identity.
Brazil in Pictures
by Nathan A. Haverstock. Lerner Publications, 1987
Describes the history, geography, politics, and society of Brazil.
The El Dorado Adventure
by Lloyd Alexander. Dell Publishing, 1987
Vesper inherits a volcano and foils de Rochfort's efforts to build a canal through her land which would destroy the lands of the Chirica Indians.
Let's Visit Costa Rica
by Traicia Haynes. Burke Publishing Co., 1985
Describes the coastline, history, port cities, social life, economy, and customs of Costa Rica.
Lost City in the Clouds: The Discovery of Machu Picchu
by Elizabeth Gemming. Doubleday & Co., 1980
An account of Hiram Bingham's discovery of Machu Picchu, the ancient capital of the Inca empire, which had been unknown to the West for hundreds of years in a remote area of the Andes.
Rain Forest Amerindians
by Anna Lewington. Steck-Vaughn, 1993
Discusses the Amerindians and their continuing struggle to preserve their way of life and their cultural identity in the modern world.
Simón Bolívar
by Carol Greene. Childrens Press, 1989
A biography of the South American general and revolutionary.

Read Aloud and Reference Books

How Night Came from the Sea: A Story from Brazil
by Mary-Joan Gerson. Little, Brown & Co., 1994
An ancient African sea goddess brings the gift of night to the land of daylight.
Where Angels Glide at Dawn: New Stories from Latin America
by Lori Carlson and Cynthia Ventura. Harper Collins, 1990
Collection of stories by Latin American authors.
Enchantment of the World: Brazil
by Wilbur and Suzanna Cross. Regensteiner Publications, 1984
Introduction to the geography, history, economy, natural resources, people, and culture of Brazil.