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Level K, Unit 3


Delivery Van
by Betsy and Giulio Maestro. Clarion, 1990.
This story is a great vocabulary builder for town and country words.
Coco Can't Wait
by Taro Gomi. Puffin, 1985.
Coco arrives at her grandmother's house only to discover that her grandmother has left to visit Coco! Their paths meet after a circuitous journey.
The Trek
by Ann Jonas. Greenwillow, 1985.
Two children take an extraordinary trek home from school. Illustrations invite reader participation.
Little Pink Pig
by Pat Hutchins. Greenwillow, 1994.
Where is little pink pig? His mother gets the whole barnyard in an uproar looking for him. Repetitive questions invite reader response.
A Bear for All Seasons
by Diane Marcial Fuchs. Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1995.
Fox visits Bear during the winter and they remember all their favorite parts of each season.
Once Upon a Golden Apple
by Jean Little and Maggie de Vries. Puffin, 1991.
A fairy tale that playfully turns time and words upside down. Children will chime in when they recognize the pattern.
Every Monday in the Mailbox
by Louisa Fox. William B. Erdsman Publishing, 1995.
Melinda can't wait for Mondays, because Mrs. Wilcox sends Melinda letters from her nursing home.


Yellow Ball
by Molly Bang. Morrow, 1991.
A little yellow ball floats into the ocean and travels to another shore. Minimalist text allows the pictures to tell the story.
Time To...
by Bruce McMillan. Scholastic, 1989.
Follow Brian McConnell from morning to evening and learn to tell time by the hour.
Today Is Monday
by Eric Carle. Philomel, 1993.
Each day of the week passes with yet another serving of food. Carle's illustrations bring this song to life.
by Jeannie Baker. Greenwillow, 1991.
A unique opportunity to observe the passage of time through the life of one little boy who grows to manhood.


The Boy Who Would Be a Helicopter
by Vivian Paley. Harvard University Press, 1990.
Examines the power of storytelling in the play of the very young.
From Pictures to Words
by Janet Stevens. Holiday House, 1995.
Illustrator Janet Stevens creates a book about the process of writing a story.


by Robin Ballard. Greenwillow, 1995.
A child looks for her friend, Emma, who is appearing in the Carnival parade. They dance together in the streets in celebration.
Looking Down
by Steve Jenkins. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1995.
Children are introduced to the concepts of maps and visual perspective through exquisite cut-paper collages.