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current events

These current events links provide a collection of news, events, highlights, and feature stories from around the world and in your neighborhood.

Time for Kids
This fun, interactive news site from TIME magazine categorizes current events articles and activities by grade level and includes games, trivia, and a homework helper.
Weekly Reader Feature Zone
This site asks “What's New in the World?” every week and has materials and activities for students, parents, teachers, and families.
National Geographic Kids News
Kids News highlights news, features, and science articles on subjects of interest to kids. Sites for teachers and parents include lesson plans and teaching materials.

More About It

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Federal Emergency Management Agency's FEMA for Kids
This visually appealing government site teaches kids how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. The site also tells teachers and parents what to do to help children after a disaster. It is appropriate for all ages.
NASA (About Hurricanes)
This well-designed government site provides clear explanations of the science of hurricanes. It is appropriate for grades 4 and up.
National Association of School Psychologists
This website provides tips for helping children and youth cope after Katrina. The information can also be printed as a handout to share with others.
National Hurricane Center
This National Weather Service site tracks current storms and includes sections on learning about hurricanes and hurricane history. It also includes Frequently Asked Questions.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
NIEHS Kids' Pages
This is a kid-friendly explanation about the importance of cleaning up the Gulf Coast environment after Hurricane Katrina. It includes several helpful lists for emergency evacuation planning purposes, as well as a link to other hurricane-related sites and resources for kids. The site is appropriate for all ages.
U.S. Geological Survey
This government site provides detailed explanations of hurricane science, complete with colorful maps, charts, and photos. The site is appropriate for grades 4 and up.

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